The 50's Front

The 50's Front (2011)    Family Lore, Fashion, and Mid-Century Americana

The 50's Front  (2011)
Premiered at Dance Place in Washington, D.C.
Choreography by Wayles Haynes

The 50ʼs Front considers what is passed down matriarchal lineages in families.  Great Aunt Anneʼs diamond brooch, Grandmotherʼs nose, compulsive action and that time Granny Wayles was drafted in the war, all tell a story that weaves the fabric of our lives.

Mid-century American culture provides the framework to discover the known and unknown within oneʼs self and family.  Ladylike gloves, clip-on earrings, and silk patterned pocket squares are the vehicles to examine feminine expectation and heritage.  Wayles Haynesʼs The 50ʼs Front breaks down and reconstructs family relations to create a sentimental, funny, sometimes tacky but always curious journey of finding self.