Stargazing (2013)    The Story of the Night Sky in Three Movements

Stargazing  (2013)
Premiered at Dance Place in Washington, D.C
Made possible by the generous support of the Greenbelt Community Foundation,
the Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council, the Freddie Mac Foundation,
the City of Greenbelt, and Molly Lester.

A fusion of dance, theater, and music, Stargazing tells the stroy of the starry night from the spectacular death of a star to the splendor visible from our own backyards. Inspired by ocnversations with NASA astrophysicist Amber Straughn, alight Artistic Director Angella Foster conceived of Stargazing as an exploration of the art and science of peering into the cosmos and a celebration of the stories, knowledge, and questions to be discovered when we open ourselves to the unknown.

Performed by six dancers and the local musical group Harp 46, Stargazing is a visually striking production designed to engage audiences of all ages. More than just a theatrical production, Stargazing is a year-long initiative of alight dance theater, featuring community engagement events, a series of performing arts field trips benefitting over 250 schoolchildren from Prince George's County, and culminating in a theatrical premiere at Dance Place in Washington, DC.