Our year in photos

Every December I make a month-by-month year-in-review update to tuck into the Christmas cards we send to all our friends and family this time of year.   Today as I dropped a nice, big stack of holiday cards into the post office box, I thought it would be fun to start a new holiday tradition celebrating another year of working with alight. I hope you enjoy our first annual alight year-in-review photo gallery.  Lots of people like to do retrospectives things like this during that first week of January, but I think the holiday season is all about taking time to reflect on where you’ve been and we’re you’re headed. So, this is where we’ve been this year.  We hope you enjoy taking a glance back with us as we are already busy preparing for our first performance of the new year on January 21, 8pm and January 22, 4pm at Dance Place.   See you soon?

Headlamp, anyone?

So, I love this photo of alight dancer and choreographer, Monica Warren Schaeffer, all geared up, snazzy headlamp and hard hat and all, ready to head into a cave in the Austrian alps.

The scale of these mountains is incredible.  It is hard to imagine Monica moving through the earth under such masses in her pink and purple jacket and just walking out unmarked by the experience.

And, she didn’t. There wasn’t any dramatic cave collapse or television movie worthy moments of harrowing escape, but the experience left its mark on her.

Next weekend, you can get a sneak peek at her new work, Shadowmark, which was inspired by her experience of following a narrow beam of light through the darkness that lays under the weight of the world.  You should come–unless, of course, you have plans to go caving  the Austrian alps yourself next weekend.

Spelunking @ Dance Place

Monica Warren Schaeffer is a founding member of alight.  You might remember her beautiful performance in our debut work, Speechless, but you might not know Monica is also a choreographer.  This season she is creating a new work for alight. Entitled Shadowmark, this work explores the “heightened consciousness of visibility” Monica experienced while on a caving exploration in the Austrian Alps.  This work-in-progress will be performed at Dance Place (Washington, D.C.) as part of the Next Reflex Dance Collective’s “Places in Space” project on June 18 & 19, 2011.

Shadowmark was commissioned by alight dance theater and will premiere in its entirety at Dance Place (Washington, D.C.) on January 21 & 22, 2012.