Through the window

Most Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons alight is in rehearsal at the Greenbelt Community Center Dance Studio. The studio is a lovely space with blonde hard wood floors, floor to ceiling mirrors on two walls and a bank of windows on another. Just outside those windows is this amazing

rose garden.  The dance studio is located on the lower level in the back of the building, so the rose garden is sort of tucked away–not hidden but separated from the main walkways near the building. From inside the studio, through the old cloudy windows, the bright color presses up against the building,

a bit blurry like an Impressionist painting.  When I’m alone in the studio choreographing, I like to open the side door and peek out at the color and texture and fragrance just outside.  I love the contrast between the clean, open space of the dance studio and the overgrown, luxurious beauty of the garden.  Set side by side, they both feed my creative process.

The empty studio just cries out to be filled with movement, energy, laughter and a good sweat.  And, the garden is already so kinetic, so active,  so complete in itself that it invites stillness. It is a eloquent reminder that stillness is as much a part of the dance as silence is a part of music.  And, being the committed multi-tasker I am, it is a reminder I need.

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